Tom is monochromatically fabulous

This blog features: The Leather Jacket; The Vaguely Purple See Through Shirt; The Tight Black Pants; The 'I'm Really British' Cardigan; V-Necks, V-Necks Everywhere; Shimmery Trout Scarf.

This blog also features: Mr. Hiddleston's inability to close his legs, those vests that make him look like a god, his strange likeness to cheap frozen desserts, and his wild fear of colors other than gray and blue. This blog is 110% serious.

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Just three outfits.

Let me make this quite clear - I love every fucking outfit this Shakespearean dork puts on his gorgeous body.

Nonetheless, I have pushed myself to select three outfits which are my ‘favourites’. Ask me tomorrow and I might say something different, but these are the outfits that have really stuck out in my mind.

Numero 1) The velvet jacket look

As any regular of this blog knows, I fucking love velvet, and Tom rocked it at the BFI London Film Festival, among other appearances throughout the year (Hiddles, you are a serial outfit repeater). Sleek, classic and just so debonair, this is absolutely a favourite.

Numero 2) The Cannes Cerulean Wonder

This outfit is a favourite because it is so purely out of character. Colours? What are they? But this blue beauty offset that fair English complexion and ginger hair perfectly. 10/10 any day of the week.

Numero 3) The red-backed vest (or any vest, for that matter)

Rule #1 of fashion is wear what flatters your figure, and any waistcoat or vest does a spectacular job of flattering that lean, willowy figure. I chose the red-backed vest just because I thought it was particularly well-tailored and lovely, plus it makes Hiddles look fine and fierce like a red-back spider. Or a golden retriever. Either way, it was a winner.

So there you have it - my top three. I hope you appreciate how fucking hard that was.