Tom is monochromatically fabulous
A dedication to Mr. Hiddleston's inability to close his legs, those vests that make him look like a god, his strange likeness to cheap frozen desserts, and his wild fear of colors other than gray and blue. This blog is 110% serious.

This blog also features: The Leather Jacket; The Vaguely Purple See Through Shirt; The Tight Black Pants; The 'I'm Really British' Cardigan; V-Necks, V-Necks Everywhere; and the Infamous Shimmery Trout Scarf.

Stay tuned for Crotch Shot Saturdays.

I am really very fond of this speckled suit Tom wore on his Australia and Asia promotional tour. I mean, if you’re gonna have a grey suit, at least the light pattern provides some degree of intrigue and decoration. Plus it makes him look so grown up - look at the little pancake, doesn’t he just look so mature?