Tom is monochromatically fabulous
A dedication to Mr. Hiddleston's inability to close his legs, those vests that make him look like a god, his strange likeness to cheap frozen desserts, and his wild fear of colors other than gray and blue. This blog is 110% serious.

This blog also features: The Leather Jacket; The Vaguely Purple See Through Shirt; The Tight Black Pants; The 'I'm Really British' Cardigan; V-Necks, V-Necks Everywhere; and the Infamous Shimmery Trout Scarf.

Stay tuned for Crotch Shot Saturdays.

I’m really approving of this Corialanus rehearsal outfit, Tom. I mean, the fact that it’s a v-neck aside (like every other damn t-shirt you own, Thomas, every single fucking one), I couldn’t be happier about it. The way that shirt hugs your lean little torso, I mean, yowza…

And that second picture is taking the whole ‘standing like a whore’ thing to a whole new level. Could your legs go much wider if you tried? I think you should accessorise with a sword more often, I really do.

Nice pecs, by the way.